Ska Music

Ska Music, from start to finish. Pick it up, Rudies.

Jul 29


The Maytals | Monkey Girl

(via adventures-of-the-blackgang)

Aug 30

Eric Morgan ~ Strongman Sampson

The Rudie Crew ~ Caladionian Road

Anybody else wish they were at small shows with this caliber of music?

Aug 26

Roland Alphonso ~ From Russia with love

For Max, because it reminds me of the Batman movie score.


Propaghandi ~ Haille Sellasse, Up Your Ass

Aug 20

The Slickers ~ Johnny Too Bad

In my head today.

Aug 9

The Slackers ~ Old Dog

skip the long ass intro and enjoy

Desmond Dekker ~ Beautiful and Dangerous (for my lady, who is both)

Jul 23

Inspecter 7 ~ Intro/Agent 86

The rudest thing around in 1994

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